Why mantras are so special?

If there are no sounds then there is no world. Sound alone can create structure or a form based on the principle of sympathetic resonance. If you tune one tuning fork (or a crystal bowl) then tuning fork next to it will also resonate in the same frequency. So sound is important to our lives. It is the creator of the world. If there is no sound then there is no world.

Bija Mantras

Our ancestors have found out that our Chakras – the energy centres or wheels of energy are responsive to specific sounds called as Bija mantras. Bija means seed. It can influence the DNA of the matter inside us. When all the chakras open up harmoniously, things will happen for us automatically – with least of our efforts.

Benefits of Bhajans Singing

If the mind is attached to the body then we always think about it. Then whatever happens to the body is more painful to us. Therefore, we had to detach the mind from body? How? By listening to Bhajans or doing Keertans is one way of releasing body from mind and completely dissociating from it. As long as you’re concerned about body, there will be shyness in our approach. This can be removed with help of Bhajans.

Bhajans are nothing but Namas or a string of Mantras. Bhajans are one way of directly talking to god and relating the god within oneself. So it’s good to sing the Bhajans loudly. There need not be any shyness in chanting the Namas.

Speciality of Namas or Mantras

Each of them works with different parts of the body. For example, Kesavam Narayanam mantra acts on Hara chakra. It is a cleansing mantra. Madavam Madavan activates both right and left hemispheres of the brain. If you chant Madavam Madavan there won’t be any paralysis.

Poojas Are Effective too…

We can break up any mantra or Namas to one or more bija mantras. Poojas are important for the same reason as they are nothing but mantras. Each and every name of the lord is a coinage of bija mantra. Thus our own centres are activated when we hear the Namas.

Healing Through Mantras

For mantras, all problems are one and the same. They don’t differentiate serious problems from smaller problems. A mantra that works for one problem will work for similar types of problems – whether they are big or small.  Thus God’s ways are simple.

There are many mantras available to us. Based on the situation we had to chant the appropriate mantra. Keep chanting them until the problem is solved.

Water Treatment with Mantras

Any mantra/switch word/Bach flower remedies can be chanted by holding a glass of water on your hand. Then after sometime, drink it.

Healing Others

To heal others put their name in a piece of paper, keep it on the left hand and chant the mantras. Preferably chant during the beginning of the day and then later before going to sleep.

Numerology Doesn’t Work (all the time)

The most important thing is how the Mantra sounds. Numerology doesn’t work for the same reason. If you add one more “A” to your name, it will not make any difference as your name is going to be pronounced in the same way. Thus pronunciation is important. We are subject to sound. Even if somebody doesn’t know spelling, it impacts them.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks so much for your sharing!

  2. Sir,

    I need a clarification here on a pooja.

    One day, when I was performing regular pooja in my pooja room, I got an instinct that I shud do ashtothara pooja to Lord Ganesh, Goddem Mahalakshmi and Lord Shiva. Hence, I started doing ashtothara pooja with akshate(yellow colored rice) for all three of them.

    then one day cousin of mine asked me to do with kumkum for goddess lakshmi. I started the same. For ganesha n shiva with akshate.

    what cud be the result…do not know the result but continuing for the past 3 yrs except for the 5 days or sometimes when i am late to office. Have i gone wrong somewhere …i am sufferring a lot after starting that pooja but never felt like giving up..hence still am continuing..problem was from my husband side..

    thanks in advance

  3. Roopa
    there is nothing wrong in the pooja. The offerings (food) appear to be less.
    Do the Maanasa(within the mind visualuse) pooja

  4. Sir,
    Please throw somemore light on this MAANASA POOJA..I have never heard about this. What should i visualise in the mind??

    Could you please elaborate on this pooja. How to do it/visualise it?
    And about the offerrings, it is the Naivedya(prasadam) that you are talking about. Normally, I have fruits at home which I offer. When I do not have anything, then I offer SUGAR as prasadam.

    Earlier, I had enough time to spare for pooja, I wud offer dry coconut, Avalakki to Goddess Lakshmi, which is her favourite and Lord Vishnu too.

    I will continue to do the same. Would that be fine Sir. Please confirm.

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