Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra

Power of Ram

Every mantra will have RA in it. That’s why Rama is the ultimate mantra. If you haven’t able to chant Vishnu Sahsaranamam, then chant Rama thrice. That’s why Rama mantra is still popular. It is a universal mantra.

What is the role of Krishna here?

Negative energy is black in colour – which is sometimes referred as darkness. That black energy has been taken by Krishna and he still glows. He is capable of removing all of them. That’s why he remains black outwardly, but shines within. Ever shining is Krishna.

Divine order is exposed by removing darkness. Chant switch words “Change Divine Order” to put back your organs back in (divine) order after a serious illness. The same can be achieved by chanting “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” mantra.

Benefits of chanting Hara Rama Hare Krishna Mantra

  • Hare – HA will activate throat chakra. Hare increases the space within the body.
  • REY – activates Solar Plexus chakra. It’s the bija mantra for solar plexus as well as activating sun-god. Hari – E sounded in the mantra also means sun-god. Hari becomes Hare when it joins with Rama.
  • Chanting this mantra both the knees will become highly flexible. Our gratitude to parents will increase thousand fold and we will always have the blessings of our parents.

If there is knee pain, then it means we are inflexible, with lot of stubbornness – which will prevent us to go deep within. Please note here that flexibility marks the nature of a child.

  • Our outlook on life will also become flexible. We will mix well with others.
  • We will shine inwardly.
  • There will be no fight or conflict and there will be only peace, joy and love.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir, I am newly joined to the newsletter. I read your writings and quite impressed with the knowledge you offer thru your site.

    I am from Mumbai, and wish to know about switch words, specific mantras, magic numbers etc. to avoid the financial crisis going on now a days with 2 unwanted court cases against us. how should i get rid of them??

    these matters have broken my self confidence and i am quite confused totally..

    can you suggest some remedies of switch words, mantras and numbers by doing them i should come out of such situations as a winner..




  2. For court cases, chant SRINIVASA, ARAVINDHALOCHANA – as many number of times as possible.
    For your confidence: Larch and Pine. buy these flower remedies and take 3 doses of 6 pills.
    To get money.- FIND COUNT NOW

    • Hi Naranji

      I came across your website 2 weeks ago…..I am desperatley in need of a job at present and for the past week I have been chanting Lalitham sridharam lalitham bhaskaram lalitham sudarshanam and RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE AND THE NUMBER 65 108 TIMES A DAY AND ON SOME DAYS i CHANT each of the above mantras for 2 rounds (108 times 2) but I have found no beneficial results yet.Could you please advise me?Your help would be most highly appreciated

      • dear kj,
        continue. instead of lalitham mantram chant VALLABAM GAJAANANAM, EKDHANTHAM.
        write the switch words. chant the above mantra.
        U can discontinue 65 also.

  3. Thank You, Sir..

    I will follow your advise and will keep you informed about the outcome.




  4. Sir, i am used to chant hare ram hare krishna – this way,

    hare krishna hare ram – i hope this is ok and without side effects..

    awaiting your response..

    thank you, sir,


  5. This should be done in the manner i said only. if you are not doing for any result, – chanting just like that – you can do.




  7. sir i am v thankful to you for imparting such useful knowledge to all selflessly
    my sister is suffering from hardened left side neck glands,a big painful sweelling below left scapula, pain in whole spine, severe low back pain great difficulty in walking long time disturbed v.scanty menses ,leucorrhoea whole month can you please sggest some remedy to heal her
    my father underwent surgery for hernia last year….my mother expired of cancer 6 years back since then he is having stomach problem …severe pushing pain on left side abdomen tenseness and full distended feeling in whole abdomen erosions in gastric lumen, enlarged prostate problem
    can you please help
    i am thankful to you whole heartedly

  8. k.bhano prasad

    Lalitham sridharam,
    lalitham bhaskaram
    lalitham sudharshanam, is working well for me as as i got some of my office arrears

  9. very good. pay me the consulatation fees !

  10. sairam,

    this is re: my husband’s promotion. He was due for his promotion this yr. (since last 2 yrs this is getting delayed). so he is feeling very depressed/frustrated. also he has an opportunity to go to Indonesia. (from the same co. but once he goes there and does not like it, then he cannot come back and rejoin the same co.) also considering his age factor/qualification it will be difficult for him to get another job.
    Also we r getting sceptical to goto Indonesia. so he is in dilema whether to take indonesia option or to remain here.

    need divine help. what mantra to be chanted by him, for his promotion. also need advise for the option to be chosen.


  11. Ask him to take scleranthus – flower remedy. three doses of 5 pills.
    chant SHIVOHUM continuously for 20 minutes in the morning and night before sleep.



  13. Let shiva’s intelligence guide me.

  14. Thx so muchh and sairam.

    just need ur divine guidance re: the following.
    1) as he goes to office early mor and comes back pretty late, i am able to give the bach flower only twice. (5 pills each time). need divine advise.

    2) can i chant the above mantram or him?


  15. oopss….sorry…

    i mean can i chant the mantram for him?


  16. Dhananjay Yeram


    Main ek Shri Krishna Bhakt hu… Muze pure din main shree krishna ki koi bhi ek baat dikhti hi hai… example.. krishana name, basari, murti, radha, & so on… ye sab cheeje achanak saamne aati hai… aisa mehsoos karta hu ki Shri krishna bhagwan hamesha mere saath hote hai.. Main Krishna ki bhakti kaise karu… i wnt right way to worship my lord. need some mantra for right way. I m a non-vegetarian.

  17. Om Kleem Krishnaya namaha chant this daily

    • My husband chants Hare krishna mantra 16 rounds daily, as he follows iskcon.. But he is so short tempered, an get iritated soon, keeps shouting and fighting with me for small small things.
      How do I and my husband overcome this?? Please help.. Im depressed..

  18. i have been suffering with pain caused by a bone disease for years but been particulary bad in the last 5 months, the other day I bumped into a hari krishna in the local petrol station…. with didnt speak but we made i contact – he was chating something and appeared to watch me walk (with a limp) towards my car. I have since been feeling A LOT better. I know this sounds crazy but is there any chance he could of helped or is this just sheer coincidence??? (JW age 30)

  19. Vidyant Mishra has murdered lot many people including my Nanaji and has cheated plenty of people. He has charged approximately several thousands of Rupees from me. He is still threatening me that he will for sure do immense harm to me. He is residing in Model town. I sincerely request you to please help me in this regard.
    Thank you.

  20. RAKESH,
    do the forgiving exercise for that person

  21. Radha Narayan

    My husband has been diagnosed diabetic in 1986. He has been just increasing the dosage of his allopathic medicines to control his diabetes. It no longer works and doctor has asked him to go for injections, which he refuses to.

    He has been having severe pain in the left knee since mid-April. The allopath doctor gave an injection in the bone and said it is beginning of paralysis. He also said not to massage with any oils or balms. Only to keep ice packs.

    He cannot lie down horizontal and sleep or turn sides. The pain is bearable if he is moving about, but unbearable when he comes home and relaxes. I cannot bear to see him suffering so much. We cannot leave this job and go away to India (Mumbai). Until then, we have to be here and working.

  22. Radha,
    Left knee indicates that he has done something unfair to his mother.

    Let him analyze his relationship his thoughts opinions about her.

    Ask him to do the forgiving exercise daily 200 times. Download a picture Kauslya (Sri Rama’s mother) and keep it under his pillow.

    Ask him to thank all the places where he stayed and lived in his sixty years of life.

    Chant “OAK, CHERRY PLUM, WALNUT” 100 times over a cup of water and give him that water daily.

    You chant “CHICORY, RED CHESTNUT, CHERRY PLUM”. There need not be any concern for diabetes.

  23. I work part time. My boss is so stingy that he only gives me one day for 4 hours as working hours and he always give me days those are off my schedule.

    Please suggest me switch words or mantra so that he gives me more days that fit my schedule such that I can have little earning coming in.

  24. kg,

  25. I am 32 and not married as yet. I am a south Indian in love with a north Indian girl and we were seeing each other for last 3 years. Our parents were opposing our marriage but since we did not want to marry without their consent, we spent time convincing them all along.

    Now all of a sudden, the girl has lost hope and is giving up. I am under immense pressure to marry immediately. At this point I need guidance and peace. I would like to surrender to the god and accept whatever he chooses for me.

    Is there any mantra that you can guide me in order to get married and have mental peace?

  26. VV,
    “I thank the divine for making me peaceful”. Chant this often.

    Write “I open and align myself with the divine order” 21 times daily, in a notebook.

    Always think, “Anything that is good to me will be with me. Anything that is bad (not required) will be disallowed by the Divine. I thank the divine for guiding me”.

  27. My son, 6-months old, after a surgery is still tube fed. He is not drinking through mouth. He is suffering every minute. Doctors say wait. He will outgrow it.

    Please help him to drink milk and live a healthy life.

  28. Mohana Balaji
    CHANT vallabham gajaananam yekadhantham

  29. Dear Guruji,

    I have a 17 month year old daughter who is still not crawling or walking and we have had check ups at doctors to check everything is fine – they cannot determine anything and suggest we get a CT Scan done. Only determination doctors can make is that she is delayed. I can stand my daughter up holding onto something and she can remain standing for 5-10 minutes but then gets tired. She cannot crawl however can lift top part of her body off the floor when we leave her on her tummy for approximately 5-10 minutes and gets tired.

    We are worried and continuously try doing leg exercises with her and have consulted some child physiotherapists who have advised us to undertake some exercises to help strengthen her legs which we do combined with daily massage etc.. We pray every day and night and have done many mantras to better her iteration however we havent had much progress.

    Can you please advise a mantra to help our child – we would greatly appreciate your feedback.


  30. nick
    give the flower remedies walnut chestnutbud

  31. Nick,
    do everything.

  32. Hello Naran Ji, im a female and non-vege, but i wuould like to chant the gayatri mantra 11 times as what i read somewhere. i planned to do early morning within 5.30-6.30 am. Just after waking up washing face and mouth. i’ve read so many times that what im doing is not the proper way but what is your opinion. thank you in advance ..

  33. Thrish,
    if you are comfortable with what you do, do it

  34. This is like a blessing, please advise us what to do. My nanaji is sick in the hospital he had pneumonia but now he has a tube in his throat and all other organs are fine. The tube is there for mucus in his lungs to come out as earlier he had to be on ventilator, but now he is off ventilator and everything else is fine. What should I chant to help him heal, it’s been almost 3 months he’s been in the hospital now, please advise me how I can pray to help him

  35. Kumar,
    what is the colour of mucus?

  36. Naranji, our life is very good with the help of ur mantras.please give thr mantra my son is suffering ftom enlarged adenoids he snore in while sleeping and sometime difficult to breath . Please help he shouldn’t have this problem again, be healthy.

  37. Nice. How to win court cases. My sister got married 2005. she led a miserablelife. we applied for divorce with other benefits. Still court cases is continuing. Not getting decision in our favour. we spent lot of money for the lawyer. Only the lawyer has become rich. Because this court cases, my other two younger sisters had not got right match. not married. please helps by suggeting mantras, tantras and switchwords. I had not seen happiness in widowed mother, and sisters. please help

  38. Naran ji, Namaste.My son was very interested when going to school in kg.Now in 1st std he is crying to go to school, he is scared to climb staircase where his class is & slow in writing. He is worrying his classmates r not completing their work.V encourage him a lot never scold him, but he thinks he doesn’t have courage.

  39. If i wish to have a private response can you please ans me through a personal mail sir.?

  40. how can I write to you personally

  41. Hi Naran ji,am in love with guy very immensely but he don’t as he don’t have such feelings on me..The only wish in my life is that guy should get feelings on me and to be his life partner for ever..Not sure how to raise feelings in him on me.. we were a good friends before but now the guy started avoiding me by which am unable to concentrate on any thing..Could you please sugesst me any mantra/remedies to gain him and be his life partner??

  42. Respected Sir,

    One of my close friends suffering from hernia. He underwent operation recently only but it reappeared in other side. Is there any remedy for the same. Is there any manthra which he can say or bach remedy?

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