Relationship Mantras

If you chant the below mantras together they will increase the harmony and stability in family. Harmony and understanding will improve in your personal life. Five minutes of chanting will do.

If mantras are said alone they will be affect the concerned organs.

  • If you want to create a harmonious environment – the space around you – chant OM HUM NAMAHA. Prana is activated.
  • If you want others to be surrounded in harmony OM YUM NAMAHA. Plasma is activated. 50 % of our blood contains plasma. It’s the transport mechanism for excretion – for example carbon dioxide and toxins.
  • If you want to understand others and others to understand you – OM RUM NAMAHA. It improves blood circulation.
  • If you want to relate with others – OM VUM NAMAHA. Improves Communicate with others.
  • If you want to strengthen your relationship – OM LUM NAMAHA. To improve the flexibility and muscle strength, and after making somebody as your friend you want to strengthen and stabilise relationship.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. i had a affair with a peron in past but that was an forcible relation for 3 years.. i got over with that relation 5months back.. sice last 5 months i am having a person whom i have always adored of and wants him only in my life… but my past relation all the time is disturbing me by coming in my mind and thinking.. i just want 2 get over with him amd concentrate on my new love life forever. kindly give me some mantra and method to heal it as soon as possible.. as due to this my love life is getting affected..

    and ya am also chanting the mantra suggested by you to get the job … so is there be any problem if i l keep on chanting that with the suggested mantra by you for my above question

    am waiting as am very tensed..

  2. My brother marriage date is 06/09/2003. Till now he has no child. my sister in law affected by uterus tuberclosis. she take lot of medical treatements. she didn’t get conceived. Please give the remedy to conceive and get child. Advance thanks

  3. dear santhosekumar,
    1. ask them to hang a rabbit photo in the bed rom.
    3. Write their names and circle it. around the first circle write SWEET CHESTNUT JUPITER WALNUT FIND DIVINE CHILD. Ask them to chant this mantra too.

  4. Dear Sir Naranji Pranam
    Sir what will be the english version for all of these bija mantras for Harmony and relationship.
    Kindly reply

  5. ftrrs

    Mantras are just words and there is no english version

  6. sir,
    i want to get my two wheeler license. but i fell very fear when i ride a two wheeler. and also i lack self confidence.
    kindly suggest me some solutions.


  7. Lakshmi.V

    Take Bach Flower Remedies Mimulus, Larch, Rescue Remedy

  8. Namastey Mr.Naran

    I have a problem in my love relationship. We were together past 1.5 years and there was no problem apart from minor fights here and there.We planned to marry in next 3-4 years. But suddenly he has become distant and has stopped talking at all. I trust him and know that he is pure at heart and is not playing with my emotions.
    There is something else thats coming in between us. Please suggest a remedy to heal our relationship and we both can marry each other.
    I am commited to him for my life. Please suggest.

  9. One more thing Mr.Naran, he is pessimistic towards things in his life.He gives up easily on things, fearing he doesnt deserve it. Please Mr.Naran suggest a remedy so that he comes back on his own and I can support him make him feel loved.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I want to lead a happy married life its our 4th year of marriage n got a 3yr old son,i want a romantic relationship wth my husband, he works overseas I stay wth my inlaws,he listens to his mom n sister, remembers evry past n misunderstands me,n he avoids me n dont talk to me n its almost 5months hes nt talking to me. I want him back as a loving husband I love him a lot.. Plz help me.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. jaya
    1. Take the flower remedies, BEECH WILLOW WALNUT HOLLY WATERVIOLET three pills of each three times a day.
    2. Chant “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Love Thanks Together Divine” daily 200 times or more.

    • Hello sir, I am very thankful of ur valuable response. Nw I want my husbands sister to get married soon..she had a course of ayurveda n siddha medcn for fibroid. Tell me wat to do to get a good match asap.

  12. jaya
    Good luck

    • Hi sir, my son aged 3yrs often fall sick n dnt take proper food He vry thin n aggresive tell me sum mantra for him.


    • SIR jee as u said to recite mantra for my sis in law to get a good match,wel the proposals r coming bt shes refusing them n said wl nt marry n go to any aasharam(her age is36) u tel me wat to do to make it possible asap v al r worried.
      2nd thing our LCD is missing ,my mother in law is blaming me tht ive given it to my brother. Can u plz help me in this matter as wel.
      Thanks in advance.

  13. JAYA,
    CHANT RUBY PEARL . for aggression: chant HOLLY VINE CHICORY

    • Thanks Sir.
      Wishing a very colorful holi to U n your family n ur team members B-)

      • Hi Naran ji, Ur help n advice helped me a lot n im v thankful.
        Actually we want to start our business bt v got fooled 3times n lost our harden money. My husband is coming back india n settle dwn n his bro a hardcore web designer. Help me plz, sir wat shud I do to make our work proceed n progress sucessfuly. Any picture or color which vl help us..tell me that too.
        Thanks in advance.

  14. jaya,
    Have indigo colour with you

    • Thanks sir for ur reply.
      Sir as my husband decided to come bk, bt d company in which he workd for yrs is nt paying his last n final payment n telling him to wait, u tell me what to do to speedup so as to get d money n can come india in ths month asap..
      kindly advice me any mantra or switch words which I can recite for him.
      Sir I have full faith in U . Plz reply me soon.

  15. jaya,

    • THANKs so Very MUCH SIR..:-)
      May god bless U for everythg ur doing for mankind.

      • Hello naran ji,
        Well I did as u said to recite d switch get my husbands he came bk on30 may. Bt d fact is he didnt get d money n they demanding him to come n gve some clarifications regardg d acctns which hes already done. Sir Im so worried hes planng to go dxb next week so plz advice me so he can get his money asap n come bk to india wthout any problem.
        Kindly reply me soon as iam egarly waiting 4d reply.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi sir, thanks a ton4al ur valueable response. Nw my husband is nt able2decide wat2do in bt joining a company or 2start a business.
          My mother+sister inlaws behave n does evrythg gud 2me in frnt of my husband n makes him to believe tht im nt adjustg type at times I feel lonely plz suggest me.
          Is there any mantra or number to win in any monthly lucky draw. Yes thn help me wth tht too.
          Thanks in advance

          • JAYA,
            For your husband chant SCLERLANTHUS.
            for money chant FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW.

            • Hello sir, this time i need ur help for my brother in law hes a web developer but his client is nt satisfying wth his work. D Whole day hes behind tht only n nt gettg appreciation n evry day he keeps on changing d lookn matter of d page this has taken a long time. I want to speed up his things so he can sell his product n get his payment asap n can get more product buying clients.
              Secondly my son aged 3.4yrs evrynw n then he gets angry n hits me that hurts me iam 6mnth pregnant n didnt have fruits n vegetables. Iam really worried for him. Plz do help me though iam chanting ‘ruby pearl’.
              Thanks in advance.

              • jaya,
                for your brother: Ask him to chant scleranthus gentian chicory beech walnut.
                for your son: chant Chicory Holly Vine Cherryplum

  16. Sir i’m from Nepal.Pls give me a chant to remove obstacles in married life of my parents coz my father sees other women n girls.Please give chant so that my father will be faithful to my mom forever n love her only.Pls help i’l be very greatful.

  17. Monika,
    chant walnut coral yellow sapphire 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to him without his knowing.

  18. Dear Guru,

    My husband had an surgery in his leg in childhood.after that met an accident and a steel rod has been fixed in laps.i came to know about this after my marraige because of this my marital life is affected and delaying child birth.he is not willing to come out with me for anything.postponding the treatment also.but earning a normal salary and also doing some part time part amount to me and part amount to his parents.i am also a working lady and earning a normal salary.he is telling i will be like this only will do everything according to my wish(including treatment, child) if you want continue live with me else go on your way. my parents has struggled a lot and done my marraige.hence i dont want to take any legal action.please suggest remedies to speed up the treatment and get the desired result and also make him to live a happy married life.


  19. jAYA,
    CHANT waterviolet larch gentian wildrose agrimony

  20. Hi Naranji
    i was in love with a guy and now separated due to some misunderstanding. now its almost 4 years we are not in contact. i feel like talking to him. Please tel me some mantra so that i receive a call from him.
    expecting your reply
    yours humbly

  21. asunimbu
    CHANT GORSE REACH…(his name)

  22. Hello Sir,
    i want to open my own business, but can not find any way to start and run my business successfully. I have a lack of self confidence also wheather i would be able to run the business successfully or not. Please tell me any Mantras , so that i can start and run my business successfully.

  23. ankta,
    chant larch gentian

  24. Hi Naranji,i always faced problem in my lovelife.right now m having a relation with a person of other religion.but somehow suddenly disturbances arise between us.which mantra can i chant to make fruitful relationship,and plz i don’t want to make Vashikaran on any1.

  25. madhu,

  26. Respected sir,

    I have problems in my as well as my mom’s and brothers life,i will start with my brother first.presently he is not working ,had lots of issues in his last job, was not getting properly paid.he is already 30 years old and out of job,we are also looking for a girl for him to get him married .but he does not have good job(also he is very short tempered)Are their any mantras which can be chanted for him to get a good job first in which he will be satisfied and payed well,and for him to have good life partner.I am ready to chant mantras for him.
    Now i will tell you about my mother,my dad is also short tempered as my brother,he does not need any reason to torture my mom and us.(he drinks)he is retired now,has invested lot in many thing,but still stays in rented house,he has enough money to buy 3 houses in good society .but will not spend even for basic needs.he just wants to save save save.we don’t want his money but,my mom always wanted her own she is 60 years old.when she will have her own good house where she can stay happily(we have 4 houses but in chawl where we cant stay they are rented).Is their anyway to change my dads thinking to spend at least on him and his wife.

    My problem is what my In laws behave with me,whatever i do they hate me.We are not staying together,my husband works in Bangalore so iam with him.but whenever we visit them they are not good to me.iam always a third person for my husband is also not attracted to inlaws talk rubbish about me in their relatives which i come to know their any way my in laws will start liking me.
    And i also want to do job.please help me with that guruji.
    IAM VERY SORRY for writing this big.rather than it being a comment.but i really need your help,please help me.

    Thanks in advance.


  27. anu,
    for all the problems of above bach flower remedies only can help.
    you have to get from the centre.

  28. Dear Sir,
    This request is for my friend , she recently got love marriage married before getting married her husband was different now he completely changed before . She has a problem with her in laws & husband. her in laws does not like her at all. What ever she does she will be commenting. her in lawas want only son not my friend they treat her like servant she does want to continue the relationship. is their any way of coming out of the relationship. Pls help her what she can do

  29. Pratiksha,
    when she wants to continue the relationship, why do you want a way to come out of the relationship?

    • Dear sir,

      Sorry she does not want to continue the relationship their was mistake in my msg. Please forgive me for that.
      She is fed up of both of them, I am worried where she will take a wrong decision so.She is very gud hearted girl not harming any body. i dont want to miss like that girl. please help her.

  30. pRATIKSHA,
    Ask her to keep a picture of Ruby under the pillow.
    Ask her to chant HONEYSUCKLE WALNUT

  31. Dear Guru,

    I misplaced my head phone somewhere in house only.But not able to find it.Please suggest some switchwords to trace out the misplaced articles like this.


  32. sud,
    chant REACH

  33. Can you please help me with something to chant to clear a misunderstanding with the person I love so much.. I had told a lie to handle a complex situation. Now after everything cooled up, I told him the truth and he is very upset that he stopped talking. Your help will be greatful.. I dnt want to loose him over a small materialistic thing

  34. babu,

  35. GuruJi.. My dad is not talking to me and annoyed with me.. I chose a hindu guy for myself.. after struggle my mom dad gave approval.. from from inside they are still angry with me.. they do not talk to me.. my dad does not talk to me at all.. Please give me some mantra so that i can get back the love of my father..i love my dad alot.. pls hel me


  37. vishwanath tejaswi

    namaskar sir ,
    sir i got engaged with my relitives girl,but i got very good friend .recently i met my friend in one seminar and my parents are thinking that me and my friend got some affair and shouted on that girl,to be frankly we had attraction first but not now ,she(friend) helped me in many ways and we are good friends,but due to mis understanding of my parents she stopped talking with me and completly the relationship got broken..i dont want to miss my true friend sir and same time my parents are against me and my studies got effected so plz help me solve all my problems.

  38. vishwanath tejaswi

  39. hello sir,
    i went through ur blog n it was interesting..i hv a few probs which i hp u can solve 4 me
    1. i am married a few mths ago n hv problems wth my mum in law..she is the possesive type..when my husband, she and i go out..she wants 2 sit in front in the car..whenever my husband n i go for a vacation, she would call him n ask him to come back..she decides everythg for us n v hv no freedom as husband n husband follows her blindly wthout questioning..hw am i to solve tis prob n i wan my mil 2 leave us 2 enjoy our marriage life..can you help me?

    2. i love my parents vry much n i wan my parents 2 stay near me n i wan 2 tk cr of them 4ever..

    3. at the moment my dad is jobless n he is alwiz sad cos of tht..i hp he can get a job sumwhere near my place so tht my fly wil alwiz b nxt 2 me..

    4. i wan my parents to live long..any chants for tht?

    thank you so much..

  40. JEY,
    Wrie your parents name. draw a circle around the names. Draw one more circle around the first one. write in the gap, sweetchestnut walnut Green tourmaline.
    love your mother in law as much as you love your parents. What all you want to do for your parents, do for your mother in law.
    change your thinking and stop resenting. Do this for one month.
    Thank her for allowing you to be with your husband. Daily thank her like this.
    In the night, chant TOGETHER CHANGE NOW. till you sleep

  41. Sir Please help me
    Dear Sir,
    There is some immigration process going on and i am so much nervous about it. I hope everything will go well , can you please tell me any mantra to make it easier, right , positive and fast.

  42. aNKITA,
    Write 63 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
    chant sixty three times 63 in the morning.

  43. I was in a love relationship since 1.5 years. Due to some misunderstanding she broke up and is not talking to me. She is too much irritated towards me. How to overcome this?

  44. aBHISHEK,
    Say “I am sorry. Please forgive me, I love you. I thank you” daily 2000 times

  45. Dear Sir, I am facing severe difference with my mother in law,she is not living with us but has very commanding nature & try to change every body according to her. She always try to instigate my husband against me over the phone, our relationship is getting affected due to this , i have 2 months old son,please help.

  46. anu,
    take the flower remedies rockwater chicory holly hornbeam – 3 pills three times daily

  47. Naran Guruji,
    Please help me
    please suggest any mantra/switch word to take care of Maid/ maid has not come since three days..neither i know her home.I have paid her well compare to other maid.please help me to get her back for work.


  48. janani
    tell wolf about this.
    chant chicory find divine order

  49. guruji any mantra to get rid of confusion ,agressiveness, and to marry my love

  50. Naran guruji,
    I was in a relationship with a guy we both loved each other very much, he approached his parents and they rejected me because of cast issue ,after that he made up a very strong mind to leave me and go as per his parents i could not bear that pain and lost all hopes in life,now the problem is he showed me a very bad image abt him while leaving he behaved dead opposite the way he used to be and hurted me very badly ,now also sometimes he calls and only hurts me when i try to show him my love towards him ,now that he has made a strong point to leave me i am nt able to forget him still have that hope that everything wil be fine and he wil come to me with the same love and care…at home my parents are worried abt me since i am not accepting any proposal which are coming for marrriage and stil in his thought , my problem is i am not able to forget about him,nor moving forward in life,stil waiting for him ,still confused weather to wait for a guy who just dint think abt me or this 4 years relationship also scared wat if he leaves me and go in future after marriage and not having that daringness in me to accept any other guy in my life ,just want to come out of this confusion phase of my life and also want him to come back wat should i do any mantra to help me and reduce my tension and confusion abt this guruji plz plz plz help me its since 1 and a half year now that this issue took place with me

  51. shwetha,
    Take the flower remedies religiously with revenrence.
    chicory whitechestnut walnut hornbeam star of bethlehem.
    put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and sip 6 or 7 times in a day.
    In the night Take each 5 pills of mimulus and sweetchestnut before sleep.

  52. my sister had minor thyroid problem.. though it is cured with medicines ..she is trying to concieve .. but can’t… she is going to try IUI(Intrauterine Insemination)…husband is not takiing much interest …how to increase the chances for pregnancy …

  53. shwetha here guruji thank you for your reply, but would like to know where wil i get this from and what wil happen once i take this please do reply guruji

  54. SHWETHA.
    Buy those bach flower remedies from any hoemoepathy shop.
    you tell me what happened after taking the remedies

  55. Dear sir,

    I dont want to go to my MIL’s place nor want to talk to her . as she has broken my heart to a great extend sir.

    Kindly suggest me what do i do? My MIL never stood for me at the time of need , I am motherless , When i delivered a baby she did not take care , later when my daughter was severely ill she did not come to take care , but for her daughters she thinks forehand and rushes there, when it comes to me and my daughter she bluntly says i forgot , i did not know. unknowly i have done this, sir she neglected me alot , and she is doing the same with my daughter too . in front of my eyes she does everything for her daughters when they are not well , but when her granddaughter our child is sick she does not bother. Why? Only son’s only daughter . As i am motherless i ignored but its 6 yrs now they is doing the same thing which i am not able to accept anymore.
    Sir, i feel bad for not going to them but i am scared to go to them as i need to face the same disappointments and rejections again and again. in front of my husband she cry’s stating she cares for us . but when she is really needed she does not bother also.

    Sir , I am trying to forgive her , but feeling the pain coming back again . my husband whenever returns from his mothers place fights with me for silly simple reason’s like if my phone is busy when he calls up or if i did not fold the washed clothes and uses all filthy language which makes me angry . this behavior of his is increasing my anger over my inlaws. sir why is not a mother in law a mother even when a daughter in law can be a daughter. Why?

    What do i do sir. I really want to be away from them, they will exploit us . simple issue : My inlaws discuss about any cermony to be done at daughters place but never talk about granddaughters birthday celebration. never openly spend a single rupee for our child Why this discrimination.

    I am writing this to make you understand the feelings and situations i went through and a fear to not to face them can parents love be so different for there own children?

    sir , can i use the rescue remedy in water whenever my husband goes to his parents place , as he is literally hitting me badly ,as shown in movies for small issues. i am getting scared of my husband. Sir why does my mil do this way . I am writing this on blog as many women will be suffering as i am suffering . I also do mistakes but iam honest in accepting them where as my MIL bluffs alot and says am i killing you or burning you as other in laws so .I forgot to do this.

    Simple sir , I am working she use to takecare of our child. suddely she use to say i want to go to my cousins place or daughters place . it would give me a shock as i had office and where to keep my child after school she was just 3 yrs . how can she not think . it was a must for me to work

    Kindly reply sir.
    Please do not ignore sir, I am going mad thinking why she is doing like this

  56. Naran Sir, I just want to ask one question Parents should not be neglected but when parents neglect us and discriminate us how much should be bare . and how do we react . How do i react to them. As a human at one point or other point of time we expect the help of our near and dear once the other person also knows we need help , at this needed time my in laws do not support us , it feels bad and hurt sir. but they expect the support from me for there daughters , i have done till date but now i dont want to do . Kindly let me know what am i suppose to do . am i doing wrong or how . i am forgiving them but at the same time want to maintain distance from them can i do this.
    Kindly suggest some mantra or switch word which will help me to be normal and DO NOt EXPECT mode for them and from them. As expectations always hurt sir. Sir i dont want to spoil my daughters future as you have said in one blog parents are past and past has to be healed to make a better future. this is worrying me . i am suffering i dont want my daughter to suffer sir. give me a soultion for this sir. I am ready to listen to CD also. But kindly explain why the relationship with inlaws is this way. why does mothers change so much when son is married. why they try to find fault with daughter in laws? Sir why do they forget there daughters also someones daughter in laws. Please reply

  57. Dear Naran ji,
    I came accross your website today. Happy to see your replies.
    Even i am in problem. i do have relastion ship issue. we both loved each other from 7 yrs.
    since intercaste his mother dint agree. he was upset with situation. but now he has become more neutral.. i am scared now.. long time i have waited for him..
    tell me some chants that he will understand me and marry me soon and his parents should also accept us happily and to increases love between us.

    and i am new to ur site.. please tell me procedure to chant also

  58. Dear Guru,

    I am having breaks in sleeping during night time. i wake to urinate in the midst of night and after that it takes hours to sleep again. i.e if i wake up at 3.00 am then i am again sleeping at 5 am only. sleeping is not coming continuously after i pass urine. suggest remedies to avoid this and have a continuous sleep in the night time.


  59. JHH,
    Before going to sleep, take the flower remdies WHITECHESTNUT, SCLERANTHUS, AGRIMONY, CRAB APPLE RESECUE REMEDY. Put 6 to 7 pills in a cup of water(50ml) and have two sips before slee.

  60. Hi sir,

    Hope you are doing good. Sir, my dad is not talking to me and also my dad’s relatives are not talking to me because I married a muslim guy. I want them back, they are very important to me. Please provide me a switchword.

    Secondly my mother in law is hurting me in many ways. I want her to behave like my mother.

    Also now am jobless and confused, feel insecured as I need money to pay my educational loan. I need confidence sir. I really want to go canada with my husband and we still have financial issue. Please suggest some switchwords mantra to solve my above issues. Thank you in advance sir.

  61. Hi Naran Sir
    Hope you are good. And as you said am chanting the above words. Now I need healing mantras and switchword for my family members.

    For my dad – He is having so much of financial debts and problems. And he is also having heart blocks, please provide switchwords sir. I will also pray for him.

    For my mum – she is mentally and emotionally sick thinking about of all the problems and also financially weak. Because of this she is getting weak and getting lean. Inspite of having own house, they are in rental house and now she is facing problem as my dad is not giving money to manage household expenses. Worried about dad, my brother and me. Please suggest mantras and switchword sir. Please.

    For my brother – not placed in right Job, he has done Btech and working for a small company with less income. Not responsible also. Also to find a right spouse as he is getting older.

    Please help us sir. We will be so happy if you suggest some remedies.

    Yesterday I informed about you and your good will services to them. Immediately they asked me to contact you for switch words.

    Please help us sir. Thank you in advance.

    • drpreethisha
      You are very good hearted.
      There is one CARDORIUM PLUS herbal liquid available at the centre. it can 70% of the heart blocks. contact
      for mother;ask her to chant GO COUNT CIRCULATE TOGETHER DIVINE.
      Let your brother wait for sometime

      • Thank you so much Naran sir. We are very happy after getting reply. Sure sir. We will get the herbal liquid from mam. Already I had been there to center to buy books, cards, and many cds. Since 2 years I have been listening in my mp3. Thank you once again sir. Will ask them to chant and will chant for them also. Thank you and Take care sir. Will update the improvements after chanting these words.

        • Hi Naran sir

          How you? After chanting those switchwords and also followed your instructions. Things are getting slightly better. Got a job. Perfect atmosphere. But it’s a long distance from my house.

          I am allergic to travelling. Get tired so easily and also have migraine issues. Moreover need to work 26 days in a month without sickleave and casual.

          I need some mantra sir. Need a solution for this sir. My boss is quite super. Wont compel. I want him to consider employees request. Please help me sir. Also for my long distance travel and salary hike. Please suggest sir. Thank you in advance.

  62. hello
    i want to get rid of a person but that person is not leaving. iwant this relation to end peacefully. will you pls help me. i am very disturbed and saw your site. A light of hope sees me here. thanks

    • kanchan

      • Sir
        I want to tell u that it was an extra marital relationship. but soon i realised my mistake. i feel terribly guity and that person also turns violent and abusive. he doesnot want to leave me but i feel so much guilty inside. i want him ti leave me peacefully immediately. please tell me some solution sir. thanku.

        • kanchan

          • dear Sir
            I chant this mantra but there is no diff in his attitude instead my husband has gone away from me. pls Sir tell me what to do now. should i continue chanting the mantra or wat. I m very tense i know trhis is all my fault but now i m too worried. this person is getting abusive day by day giving me threats n all.pls help me than u.

          • Sir
            pls ans my qustn. please help me. i m nt able to handle this evn for a minute. pls help me.

            • Kanchan
              till naran sir replies pls do the forgiveness exercise for that person

              I kanchan forgive you —–(name of the person)
              You pls forgive me and release me.
              Chant this as many times as possible.

              Also Say “I thank you (name of the person) for keeping away from me” three times daily.

              • M
                pls tell me can someone chant this “I thank you (name of the person) for keeping away from me” three times daily generally to keep any person away if the person is staying with us & its difficuly to stay with that person

            • Do the acceptance Mudra with switch words, “Adjust Together Change Now”. It will definitely work.

              It has worked for my friend whose relative stayed with them. His wife wanted to pamper that lady, but my friend felt she should live with her son or grandchildren – who wanted her to live with them.

              Naran told him that arguing with his wife will not help. But the suggestion will work — but when nobody can say.

              My friend did the above chanting,. the lady by herself decided to go back after two months.

  63. I am a divorcee I love my husband so much it’s already 2 to3 years
    I took divorce can my husband reunite me into his life please tell
    Any mantra to get back him in my life

    • veleti
      Take a print out of 47 Broken-Relationship symbol write your name and husband’s name and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

  64. I am going thru a divorce but i dont want it…my husband is not willing to give me one more chance.
    Pls help me and tell me how to make him cancel the divorce and come back to me.
    Thank u

    • Chant Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
      This mantra can prevent divorce.

      It can mend the relationship between husband and wife by bringing harmony inside both of them. This is true for any type of relationships. Therefore, we should chant this mantra wherever we need harmony. However, Harmony Pack, a combination of Bach flowers remedies, is there to take care of harmony in our family, life and work.

      The mantra can establish harmony. Once all cells get the necessary oxygen, the cells become harmonious. The body then becomes harmonious and thereafter mind becomes harmonious too. Mind and body are connected. When our minds are affected our body is affected too and vice versa. Thus the mantra could establish harmony in our minds.

      Also take the printout of symbol 47 and do as in this link

  65. Dear sir, i hv sent u my problem but till today u have not reply. i lov my future husband so much but due to his mom we sparated for almost u pls advise me mantra for bring back my men.. due to ths i m too dpress and cant focus on my work. he have promise to married me..i m using yr 47 broken relationship symbol, but do i hv to write my name n his name bside the chinese word…cn u pls begging u to advise me. tq so much

    • You need to write your name as well as his name. This is true for all symbols – writing the concerned persons name.

      Chant “Bow Concede Reverse Together Divine” as many times as possible.

      You can also do the safe and secure Mudra – which will help you to unite with your beloved.

      Affirm as many times as possible, “I release the part that ignores him. I activate the part that loves him deeply and totally”.

      The last three points was suggested by Naran to a friend of mine, who has issues with her spouse.

  66. Mr Mohan tq so much fr yr reply…cn i knw how many time must chant 48 or 108
    What is the meaning of ‘mudra’ tq

  67. Mr Mohan tq so much…i realy hope by doing ths mantra i will be togetther with my men..

    one last question pls, d chinese symbol to write my name and my men name, can i stil on a chair n put his photo or can i chant ths mantra at my altar coz i put my men photo n pray for him to come back. pls advise me..tq

  68. sory i forgot, d mudra whn i do ….do i hv to do both hands n sit, n think abt my men and chant the mantra u gave me, tq

  69. ok no prob…and sorry..thks again

  70. i realy hope sir can reply to my question pls…i m trying do mudra to bring back my future husband but is not working….i dnt knw how to do ….i m doing 47 broken relationship also…pls realy help me

  71. Dear sir,
    I am married for 3 and half years now.And,it’s been very’s getting worse. We have huge differences of opinion,no trust,no confidence (on my part as hubby doesn’t ever stick to what he says/commits..even a sorry..the same things are repeated again and again),no transparency,no understanding which leads to conflicts usually. Please tell me if there is some way i can heal this relation,i do want to..any mantras/japas/prayers. Pl.try helping soon.

  72. Dear sir,
    I always have quarrel with my father. He always yell at me and thinks I do not respect him. He thinks I am not capable to doing any thing right. Can you please suggest me some chant to avoid our relationship go bitter.

  73. Thanks for the prompt reply,sir. I will start chanting as told.God willingly,all will be ok. Please remember me in your prayers.

  74. Hi Naran sir,

    How are you?

    Sir, I have an issue now. All my simple things in life are getting delayed. Please give a switchword.

    Also I feel difficult to travel long distance to my office. Please suggest some words sir, I need your help.

  75. Naran sirHow you? After chanting those switchwords and also followed your instructions. Things are getting slightly better. Got a job. Perfect atmosphere. But it’s a long distance from my house.I am allergic to travelling. Get tired so easily and also have migraine issues. Moreover need to work 26 days in a month without sickleave and casual.I need some mantra sir. Need a solution for this sir. My boss is quite super. Wont compel. I want him to consider employees request. Please help me sir. Also for my long distance travel and salary hike. Please suggest sir. Thank you in advance.

  76. How to pronounce HUM YUM RUM VUM LUM? Is it like we do in umbrella or as we do in boom?

  77. Naranji,

    I’ve been chanting “Together divine” since a week now,there has be a minute change..we aren’t moving around the house with swollen faces (due to the recent fight we had)..i tried talking to him,even apologized for my part 4 times up till now..but he is completely SHUT..doesn’t want to talk about IT..Talking about it s meaningless for him.he says he’s ok,not angry,doesn’t hold anything BUT,i know how he is when he’s NORMAL..his own self!! He’s not so.. his words and body lang. don’t match. He says,it doesn’t matter to him if i am there or not around,anymore.
    When i say,”this isn’t YOU,if i believe u are ok” he repeats what he must have heard from some pravachan ..”It’s your thought,what the other person thinks,u can’t,i can’t control what u think,u are free to think what ever u want”.
    But,the reality is it is not in my MIND, if it had been a sensible person,a responsible one..instead of dwelling in the EGO;he’d have thought why did that happen,what led to it? There are so many egs. in his life from which could have learnt from and kept off doing all that from his relationship..but,no he does and thinks alike the people he’s been with ever..and so does he has similar relation..
    He just never understands,however you try –lovingly or being cross..he would say a sorry to wrap up the conflict and then would repeat again because he never understood!! It’s a CIVIL RELATIONSHIP these days.
    Should i cont. chanting the same mantra or do u suggest some change?
    yeah,i know it may take time..
    Best regards

    Write this combination 1001 times in a notebook, for as many times as you can, and keep the notebook with you (to be in that energy field).

    Please read the blog:

  79. Naranji,
    I am going to do as ur advice….i totally agree with the blog’s content. I was struggling myself with forgiveness and the thoughts..will keep in mind the pointers and Will keep you posted.
    Many thanks and due regards.

  80. dear sir….my men still nev contact me reply any of my calls or sms. is there any other mantra which i can said fr him to contact me. is there any chant pls advise me. i need yr help so badly pls. tq

  81. Dear Sir,

    I have been in a relationship with a guy for almost 4 years now.. he is very loving and caring, and we have been through lots of ups and downs together.. always there for each other emotionally… however i went abroad for 2 months and we got out of touch, since i came back, he has been feeling that since ours is a long distance relationship, we will face problems in maintaining it.. and n we can not even get married soon as he still wants to settle down more professionally.. he basically told me that we should mutually end things.. i love him a lot and i think we can make it work.. he has been a little lonely and depressed lately, and i feel he has taken the decision because of his unstable state of mind.. please suggest some switchwords which can make us back together in a harmonious relationship, and he loves me n cares for me, and tell me he wants to marry me like he used to,,

  82. Dear Sir,

    I read your blog and it is very interesting. I have a problem and would like to know if I could chant something to make it better. I am living in the UK. I have been married for two years now. My husband is not treating my parents with respect, doesn’t call or speak with them. My parents are very old and my mum is very sick (undergoing one medical treatment after the other). I am not even able to talk to her or be able to support her (physically, emotionally or financially) because of him. Also, I have a friend here who has been very helpful and done everything for our marriage. In fact, our marriage was held successfully only because of her help and support (not just her but her parents and entire family). She is almost like my sister and things were smooth among all the three of us before marriage. But after marriage, things changed and now my husband does not even want me to talk to her or see her. I want him to first respect my parents, be loving and affectionate towards them. I also want him to consider this friend as a sister (as he had told me earlier) and want us to live peacefully and happily.
    He is never truthful these days and starts to lie for every little thing. I would be happy if this changes as well. Could you suggest something please?


  83. Hi Naran Sir

    I need peace of mind. My mind is wandering and thinks more negative things. I tried doing meditation, no use.

    Not settled. Always I get things in a very delayed way. Please help me.

    Give me a switch word or mantra sir.

  84. Sir
    You have mentioned that to Start your day with Vishnu Sahsaranamam and do tapping, and see for yourself how your life unfolds in a beautiful manner.

    sir- may i know how to do the tapping pls

  85. Hello Sir,
    i m 40 yrs Old and 20 yrs complited for my marriage but now a days from 2007 their are some relationship problems between me and my husband i have no any idea abt anything but he is not so much interested in me for a relationship.can u tell me any mantra to my love back.

  86. Naran sir

    Please give me switch word for getting a rental house in Dubai. Very costly and getting delayed. Please reply sir. Also am in financial crisis to pay the rental amount. Provide me a mantra for this.

  87. Naran sir

    Most of my jewels have been pledged and I want to recover those soon. Please tell me a switchword and mantras.

    And I do have Pcod and gall bladder polyp. Please give me a solution for proper health.

    Please reply sir.

  88. Sir this is the first time I am writting to you its been 1 year my brothers been married my sisterinlaw is vry cunning she is money minded harsh to speak keeps on taunting my brother v have tried speaking to hr kept our calm but now she is creating differences between me and my brother. Our mother is no more. Guide me what to do give me some mantras to change hr thinking and increase harmony in my brothers life

  89. Me too need your help

  90. Dear Mr. Naran,
    I in a relationship for ten years, we have a beautiful son together, and a son from his previous relationship. The last two years he has become more and more distant and he has made clear that he feel very disappointed and he sees no future. He has a block in his hart and his mind. I truly love this family, this man, and I trusted and trust him dearly. We promised to be together for ever under all circumstances, but know he wants to leave. I am truly heartbroken. I think he still doubts, but he sees no other option…

  91. sir i have a lot of problem vit my mother in law she has always aggressive nature against me and she is not happy when me my husband together by nature i am very soft i dnt like hurt others but she is taking advantages and always fighting against me am so frustrated please help me. any manthras for peacefull and good harmonoies between us .


    Hi sir,
    I am in great difficulties no job everyone seem to be turning away from me, i cant work i have uterus fibroid i dont want to do surgery please help me sir .

  93. Hi,

    I am in a great difficulty. I was in a relation with one guy for 7 years and he also loves me a lot. But his parents are not agreeing because of caste. He is not able to decide and his parents are black mailing because of which he is not speaking to me. It is hurting both. Please give me a solution so that we both get married together. and his parents should not do any kind of blackmailing. They did some kind of tabeez to him I guess so that he stays away from me and does not marry me.
    Please help me


  94. Hi,

    I am in a great difficulty. I was in a relation with one guy for 7 years and he also loves me a lot. But his parents are not agreeing because of caste. He is not able to decide and his parents are black mailing because of which he is not speaking to me. It is hurting both. Please give me a solution so that we both get married together. and his parents should not do any kind of blackmailing. They did some kind of tabeez to him I guess so that he stays away from me and does not marry me.
    Please help me.. please help me so that he doesnt go away from me. I love him a lot. Please guruji.


  95. hello sir,
    need to know the remedies to clear all the differences between my elder sister and bother. because of misunderstandings and few past mistakes of my brother my sister is not able to trust him and keep pointing out to him. which is affecting his relationship with my parents. i want peace and love in my family always and i want something which i can do for it. and also i want to ask you what i can do so that my brother can focus on his studies and get admission in pg.

  96. hello guruji,
    my friend suddenly stopped talking to me for no reason i miss her a lot i want her to b my best friend again .i want her to come back and talk to me and be my friend pls help me guruji

  97. My daughter is in love with somebody who is not within our culture and is not a good person. She is adamant to marry him. Can you please assist in her to listen to her parents and drop him so that she does not suffer the consequences.

  98. Sir i ws in a serious committed relationship for 3.5 yrs with a boy who loved me a lot and even i loved him the same…. i ws always very possesive for him as i never wanted to lose him and i really loved him…. we had plannned our future together and were going to marry in 4-5 yrs…. our parents were even happy with our relationship and agreed for marriage… bt 2 mnths ago due to some misunderstangs and my possesive nature he broke off with me…. i said i wont do dat again i pleaded a lot…. i really love him and want gim back…. i jst want him to give me a last chance so dat v cn start from a new beginning….. i really want him back as i m committed to him for my life and cant live without him…. jst want him to give me a last chance….. please help me sir to heal my broken relationship and help me so that i can marry him early….. plz sir….. waiting eagerly for yuor reply…..

  99. namaste guruji
    my husband left me at my moms place,when i was pregnant
    he didnt even come to see my daughter.i want to save my marraige.
    and want him to contact me and talk to me.

  100. respected sir,

    i love a guy but he said he doesnt love me.we have been physical with eachother many a times. i wnat this man to fall in love with me and also to marry me.he doesnt talk to me since last month.

  101. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  102. Hello sir

    Recently myself and my dad had a very big fight. He is completly annoyed with me as i spoke back and made me to leave the house. Though i apologised he is not ready to forgive me. Kindly give a remedy so that i get back my father’s love and affection like before.So, that everything gets normal at house.

  103. Need audio mantra for relationship solving with husband and sister-in-law.

  104. i do not want my daughter to marry any other religion than ours. she has a boyfriend but i do not want her to marry this boy. please suggest any mantra so she can leave this boy and come to our religion and culture.

  105. Naran ji, I am frequently suffering from relationship problems and break ups. I am expectin g for a perfect relationship. Which mantra I can use for healing??

  106. Respected Sir,

    I want leave my husband because he made many mistake in 10 years of marriage life .He tried to kill me also.But in my house nobody are at my side everyone supporting him only .But i want to leave him and live with my 2 children with brother’s support.But in my house nobody is willing to do thing .Please help by giving mantra for my problem.


  108. sanjit paul liton

    i have no any job .i love some one but her family are not interest to support to mary her .plz help me

  109. My brother used to drink lot of alcohol and not listen to us. His health is bad and he has become almost like a skeleton.His pancreas are affected and he is now and then admitted to the hospital. His drinking is reduced. But it is there any solution for him to completely stop drinking and get good health.

  110. Sir
    I marrief in 2011 from starting till now there is quarrel between us. Bcoz he came late at night sometimes 2 am 3 am with friends and drinking. He tooks out hus frustration on me. My mother talks unnecessary to him without any knowledge and idea due to which he against me . Any issue or problems comes in his life he thinks I m responsible and takes out frustration on me. Coming late getting up late hoing office late . Giving money to famoly he thinks he has dobe his responsibility. Its been one mobth he drivenn out of home and enjoying his life . I want to go back qnd want to spend my life with him but wNt misunderstanding to be clear between us so that things get improved in future.

  111. Please reply

  112. pls help me…

  113. Guru ji,
    I am facing an adverse situation in my life.i am in an affair for 2 years.we were seriously in love.he loved me very much and i too love him .but because of an issue ,he is deciding to leave me.The issue is that i treated a guy as my brother(he is not blood related) and i was very close to him.but that fellow took lover had warned me to end up all the connnections with took a lot of time for mr to realise his true,im feeling sorry but my lover is angry with me a and not ready to hear my words anymore.pls help me sir.I cant live without him…………………pls reply

  114. pls reply

  115. I had a very strong affair since 2 years, because of another guy there is a crack in our he is not talking to me and avoiding me.Guru ji pls suggest a remedy for getting my lover back as before.

  116. in big problem please help me..
    i had sent many times mail bt not getting reply sir please help me..
    m in love from 3years with boy..who loves me more and more.. bt some misundrstanding he is stopd to talk with me and changed his number m trying to get him back…bt not at all working anything plaz sir..give me any symbole or any switch word to come back and talk with me…he should call and talk to me plz sir help me..
    thank u…

  117. Dear sir pls help me to learn two wheeler .I have tried very still not able to over come fear .pls give some mantra to chant so that I can ride

  118. dear sir…
    i had an misunderstanding with my friends.. pleae tell a mantra whichill help me bringing my angry friends back…

  119. dear sir…
    i had an misunderstanding with my friends.. they are not talking to me since last 2 months…please tell a mantra which will help me bringing my angry friends back and get normal again…

  120. Namaste mam ji / sir ji ……

    my name is sugunavathi am from hyderabad my husbo and my siso husbo does not respecting my parents … my parents are good persons they dont do harm even ant too but son in laws behaving like enemies to my parents.. son in laws how to give respect to my parents and one more thing my parents have debts how to remove debts and how to get mentally healthy back…. please tell me or for my parents mantra in telugu ….

  121. haai sir…
    me and my lover was in love for above five years
    now suddenly she says that she is losing confident due to my poverty
    and she is now ready to get marry someother pls help me soon
    I want her completely in my life

    waiting for u

  122. Dear sir i need a help i m in love with a boy he also loves me but before sometime he is going far from me he dont like to talk to me message me or he dont want to stay with me we were getting marry after sometime our parents were ready too but he is now not with me he is not taking interest in me he just want to be with some of his friends only he wants to leave me too want to saparate he is ignoring me too much he us totally changed Suddlnely he is behaving like strangers some time please help me what should i do i cant leave without him please help me sir.

  123. Dear naran ji ,

    My name is rajat..m a gay and after years i met my twin flame soul mate. We love each other like anything. Suddenly we had a fight on a pity issue and since then he started just calling himself a non deserving person. But yes he still loves me like a crazy . Its been three months that our chats decreased and now its gonna be one month when he hasnt even messaged once. Please help me to get him back and same attention full of his love. I d be grateful.



  124. Namaste Panditji,

    I was married in the year 2013 18th Nov.There was too much of domestic violence .My husband dont love me too much.He is only listening to his mom and sis.His mom and sister’s fly is believing on such jadu tona and black magic.My husband bef marriage he was calling me daily .Even last yr till the mth of march my huband used to cal me regularly.But finally in the mth of june 2014 I have to leave his house.from thn my husband is telling “I dont want ot continue relationship with u “.and there is too conspiracy going in and around who is forcibly telling to give divorce.once in Hyderabad court we have done counselling ,but due to some effect of Black magic or jadutona is not able to say yes to me or reunite me to continue for the resst of the life.Again there will be counselling at Kolkata court.
    Now i am not able to contact my husabnd and in laws.He is not calling me .
    Please do something so tht he calls through his phone very soon and says”chalo hum saathe hamesha ke liye sanssaar kare”.its a arraange marraige.


  125. Hi me and my husband bonding is not strong .he always listen to his mother and sister.He never trust on and my husband always fighting with each other.Which mantra I should chant.

  126. Hi I would like to work with UNICEF. Please guide which mantra to recite as I am a social activist. Rgds Tanvi

  127. I want my relationship with my husband very strong noboby can interfere in our life .I want govt job also what should I do

  128. Actually I can chant these mantras alone

  129. Hi Sir, I am in a relationship with a guy for almost 10 years now. There were many misunderstanding but still we love each other. we have decided to marry and we convinced our parents for that. However, it took a while to convince parents and that have developed a kind of gap between us. Now he says he is not feeling physically for me. He says, what if he enters into a different affair after marriage. On the other hand he says he wants to marry me. he loves me mentally and he had asked me to wait for so long. I know he miss me when I am not there. Because of all these our engagement also got cancelled.

    Sir, Please suggest a remedy so that we can clear all the misunderstanding between us. Now, every time we speak we fight. It is not intentional but still we do. Please give me a remedy, So that we can love each other in physically and mentally. Please help sir. please.

  130. Also, he is always irritated with me. plz help sir.

  131. sukhvinder verma

    hi sir, my husband was expired in 2009 and now i am in love with someone he is also divorcee but i have two kids he loves me a lot and i also but the problem is that so many misunderstandings creates between us i want my relationship with him strong and want get marry with him because he is very nice person and i dont want to loose him .I want that he can understand me an di also understand him.
    Please give some mantra for this

  132. Respected sir,
    I came across your website today. It is great to see that you are helping people a lot. I am posting this with a great hope.
    I am married since almost 9 years. I have two kids but my husband always insults me in front of anyone. Now things have become worst and he abuses me , curses me m my family. His drinking habits have made my life a hell. He is not having concern for me , he says that he will break this relationship. He wants me to leave his house. But I can’t do this because of my little kids. Sometimes I think of commuting suiside. Please provide me some remedy to improve my relationship also advice me how to get rid of husband’s drinking habits.
    My brother n sister in law is not keeping any relationship with me, this is affecting my married life. Please provide me remedy to establish a good relationship with my brother n sister in law as it was before their marriage.

    Please help me as I have no place to go neither mayka nor sasural. Please help me ……..

  133. Respected sir,
    My Small brother behavior is strange, he studying B-Tech 1st year, he is not understanding the family affection towards him, he is thinking that he not having faith about him towards family.By day by day he is becoming to worst pls give us some remedies


    • Sir,
      I have similar situation with my youngest brother, he is smart, intelligent, works for good company but his behavior is strange. He lives by him self in united states
      Long story in short he follows spirituality and getting disconnected with all relations, does not want to get married, does not care for his own people, does not give opportunity to talk or listen ….he is in an illusion and thinks he knows better than everybody else because he is following spirituality and does the kriyas…and all are fools because they don’t follow like him…..and on phone he be rude, no patience, no value for family members, that is really hurting everybody’s feelings…..Sir please provide a remedy which can change his perception, lead normal life and have respect for others.

  134. My mother is 84 years old she has three daughter in-laws, she loves them a lot but they do not even care for her and even do not even talk to her nicely and doesn’t give her respect.
    can you help me and give a mantra for the same so that she gets respect and love.

  135. Respected sir,
    I need a help, there is one person who is behind me from 6 years I have been telling him that I cannot marry him, he keeps disturbing me through messages, if my phones doesn’t connect any time he calls my family members. I want this person to stay away from me, sometimes he says that he will marry me forcefully. I want him to stop all this and let me live my life peacefully. Can you suggest me what can I do ?

    Also m in serious relationship with someone I want everything to be fine in between us, want both of us to marry soon. Can you suggest me the switchword for love marriage.

    Thank you and regards Soniya Roy

  136. Sir
    I was married for 8years. Me and my husband used to have petty issues but we had major issues 2years back and was left at my parents house.Now my husband filed divorce against me. We had twin boys who are very small. I love my husband and I don’t want to break my marriage. I need your help how can I get back my husband and to drop the case?

  137. sir im 29 years girl old i have already register (legally married) a person who is 30years old ..since 3 years we havent get married due to so many problems now whatever problem is ..the person wish to live me n go he asking me to divorce him i have still loving him sincerly i wish u can help me by getting hes love back n we are staying far..he hated me soo much n dont wanna see me i really wanna marry him i do love him i never betray him pls i wan him to love me n make him realise that how much i love him its been one week i havent talk to him or call him,pls sir help to get back my love back,,pls i cant leave him..

  138. My husband dead so iam attrat one man he name us tatarao so I want to be life long good relation her both will be attract

  139. Pls give me good mantra plsssssss I have two kids I like her

  140. For the last 2 years all the relationships like sister-in-law, brother, husband, parents, son-in-law, his parents, other relatives, etc. Is severed
    There has been some sort of misunderstanding with all these relatives. Can you suggest a mantra to get back all these people back into my life.

  141. Hi sir,
    I have best buddies in my university.. We had 9yrs of friendship.. We planned that I can get marry to my friends sister so we can enter into relationship.. Later I come to know that that my friends sister character is bad and my friends. Hide this information from me .. I heard this and enquires too. And every thing which I heard was right with full proof.. I was heart broken with their cheating .. I was not able to digest that they fit this to me.. Luckily I didn’t marry her.. Due to my parents health issues I called off that proposal.. But they were blaming that I cheated them .. In fact that I didn’t reveal actual matter to them if everyone knows what happened really so nobody won’t come forward to marry her.. I know that my friends thought I’m a good guy so they can get holy husband for their sister .. But by hiding all the truth they cheated me.. If at all they did inform regarding this earlier I shouldn’t take such decisions of marrying her.. Now they r thinking I cheated .. Now their behaviour completely changed towards me.. So please help me out how they should become normal after all this.. Please tell me any mantra so I can mend this relationship..

  142. Sir , I am in love with a guy ,he really likes me too but the problem is we cannot date for we stay in different cities and thus he isn’t ready to take the risk and feels in this process he shall lose me , I really want to get into a relationship with him since I’ve never caught feelings and now that I have , I really want to be with him and need a miracle in this .please help

  143. Dear Sir,
    I am married for 9 months now. But just after 2 months of marriage my mother in law started influencing my husband and the family against me. They all loved me dearly but now everybody is against me. My husband loves me but cannot express his love due to his parents pressure. Please help me. We have had very big fights unintentionally my husband is short tempered.

  144. Hello sir,
    i’m Apoorva i’m 26, i’m an architect,i quit my job in august 2015. since then i haven’t got any job. now i have planned to do freelancing from home. but still not getting any projects, so if you could suggest me with mantras to get projects at home it would be helpful.

  145. Hello Sir,
    I got married on 29/11/2015. It was arrange marriage. After Jan 2016 my husband started keeping me away and somehow my in-laws started harassing me and created misunderstandings between me and my husband which led us to stay away. I was been sent to my parents house. Since then, they are not allowing me to come back into their life. Now we filed a case on them. I don’t want to get divorced. Please suggest me any mantras that can save my marriage.

  146. Hi Sir ,
    I got married in 2006 . It was anarrange marriage n first month was all happy then problem started as my in-laws think their son is not under their control so they started telling all against me to him . Now the situation is in worse condition , he is in a mind set that if i want divorce can go he has no problem. As he is happy with mother, brothers n sister in laws no need of me n kids.while in earlier days he used to say don’t go away from me i will become mad without you . Now saying if u want divorce then we can. Now am not able to think what to do as 2 kids also. Please suggest any mantra that can protect our married life from them.

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