Meditation on Bach Flowers

This narration by Mangala Ayre explains how the Meditation CD on Bach Flowers, created by Naran S. Balakumar, had a calming effect on a three-year old child suffering from love pangs, due to separation from his grand-parents.

Mangala Ayre

I am a teacher in a Kindergarten. I have been a student of Naran S. Balakumar, for the past 10 years. A few months back, a three-year old child, who is generally quite cheerful, became withdrawn. He had sudden bouts of crying and was looking very forlorn.

On speaking to his mother, I came to know that his grandparents, who had been with them since the child was born, had moved out of the house. The child was missing them so much. He was not sleeping well and refused to eat.

I spoke to her about flower remedies. She agreed to try anything to make her child happy again. We began with Star of Bethlehem, Chicory, Walnut and Honey Suckle.

After a few days we found some improvement in his attitude, but the outbursts of crying were still on. We gave him Cherry Plum, and White Chestnut. Then his mother remarked that very soon her son would have tried all the 38 Bach Flowers Remedies. That did it!

I remembered the CD which Naran S. Balakumar had given to me. It’s a meditation CD on Bach Flowers. I gave it to her and asked her to play it at night, while her son was sleeping.

The very next day she came to me excitedly to say “what a peaceful night we all had”.  Thank the CD I replied. Please thank the flowers and Naran for gifting them to us in such an easy package.

After a few days, when she came to school to drop him off, she said “Sister, I have to share this with you. Last night, as I was getting my son ready for bed, he said mother! Please play the CD for me. The flowers talk to me and make me feel so happy!”

I suggest that parents with young children, teenagers, sick patients, those with disturbed minds, people with insomnia and healers, go to bed with this CD playing on! The flowers may communicate some very powerful messages, which could be life changing!


The Bach Flower Medicine CD is a wonderful tool for visualization. It really sounds serene.  Many times, I went off to sleep when I was trying hard to concentrate. I hope that I am able to make good use of what you have given me.

Do you have a written copy of the message of what you have spoken in the CD.?  I could also repeat the relevant remedy and the content and get the benefits of the flowers.

 This CD is a multi track with Alpha Waves. It is available for sale.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the write up and upload

  2. nithya kalyani


    thanks a lot to sir and shobana. though shobana taught me the lalitham sridharam mantra after seeing your bloc only i used it but just after two days i got excellent results. i lost my jewels 8 years back and four years back i got the news that police have recovered the same. but after legal formality last week i got a release letter from the police and this abundance to me is unexpected now(i expected the legal procedure to take long but)thanks to lalitham and thanks to sir sir thank you so much and thanks to shobana also

  3. Wow. So much thought into flowers 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought it possible. your blog is awesome.

  4. Naran,

    I lost a cash purse about 2 months before. Can I get them back by chanting this mantra

    “Lalitham sridharam,
    lalitham bhaskaram
    lalitham sudharshanam”


  5. Roopa.
    yes In addtion, you write elm gorse chicory rockwater chestnutbud 50 times a day.

  6. Naran,

    Thank you for your reply. I have time constraint as I am a working professional. Is there anything else I can do other than this.


    • Sir I am awaiting your reply.

      • Naran Sir,

        I had a strange experience. When I sat for meditation, I was very upset with this loss. After meditation normally, I do ot know how it works, but the Almighty comes in diiferent forms and answers my qstns. In one of these situations, I got a reply sayign that the lost money is used for a good purpose. So stop thinking about it.

        Hence, I am bit confused, whether to look for it or not. Hence, I left it to Divine to take care of it. Am I right in this context Sir pls suggest.

  7. Roopa
    STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. the message you receive is 100% right

  8. hi sir

    I lost my gold coin about 2 months beforesomebody has taken it from my can iget back? plz reply

  9. BKNAIR,

  10. Dear sir,
    about 13 years ago I had been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. The tumor is not cancerous and it didn’t grow. But the risk that it will grow is always there. Could you please recommend some switch words for healing? Thank you for your kindness.

  11. Bc,
    you have to buy blue sapphire and a combination of flowers from the centre.
    write to

  12. naranji u are a blessing to all of us. no words to express

  13. Thank you so much Naran sir. I will post my positive results soon.

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